Jerry Schneider (1926-2005) was born in St. Louis,Missouri. He worked in his family’s grocery business as a teenager, and first became fascinated with words and poetry during this early stage of his life.  Jerry was a regular contributor to his high- school newsletters.  After lettering in gymnastics, he enlisted in the Navy at the end of his senior year. Being a member of the “greatest generation, he served his country during WWII.

After being discharged, he returned home, and eventually carved out a long career in the grocery industry. During this time, he became an avid fisherman, enjoyed dancing, and was active in his local twin club. In his late 20’s, Jerry met, courted, and married the love of his life; Rose Mary. This wonderful event, along with bringing three children into the world, further expanded his experiences, from which Jerry could draw inspiration for his writing. He made Florissant, Missouri his home for the rest of his life.

His hobbies and interests included sports, barbecuing (of which he was a master), and collecting and listening to music from the big band era. During the last few years of his life, Jerry became very active in helping others to organize reunions for U.S. Navy Veterans, specifically, those who served on command ships, thus preserving their memories and history.

Jerry wrote limericks throughout his adult life: most of them were funny; some of them were thoughtful; but all of them were clever.  He selflessly devoted his life to his wife, his children, his family, and his countless friends.

Robert Schneider (1952-20??) was born in St. Louis, and grew up in Florissant, Missouri, where he spent most of his childhood playing baseball and soccer.

He set out intending to be a music educator. Bob studied classical piano and choral conducting at the St. Louis Institute of Music, and later at the University of Missouri at St. Louis.

In the mid-70’s, he decided to enter the sales profession.  Since then, he has worked at the retail and wholesale level of different industries, and has made a career as a sales representative for several different firms.

Bob has two children and resides with his wife in St. Louis.  Among his interests are listening to music, ballroom dancing (required by his wife), and playing the piano (to this day, he is still a frustrated student of music).

His interest in writing was a direct result of his father's influence on him. Bob’s humorous approach towards life, like his father’s, is unmistakable. “79 Reasons to Smile” is Bob’s first book. It was born out of his desire to pay tribute to his father. He hopes that it will serve to continue to build his father’s legacy.